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Hiring St Luke's - Documents and Process

For enquiries or further information about hiring spaces at St Luke’s please contact us:


Email: [email protected], Tel: 01865 251616

In relation to hiring St Lukes Church hall or Chill Out room the following documents have been produced.  To download any of these documents, just click on the appropriate link. To download the description of the hiring process just click here

4) The Guest Wifi Acceptable Use Policy

This document should be read and agreed to by those hirers who wish to use the wifi made available at St Luke's.

3) Hiring and Safeguarding

This document sets out the responsibilities of hirers in relation to safeguarding. There are two documents one for organisations and one for individuals:

a) The organisation needs to sign to say they will either abide by our policy (a copy of which should be given to them) or they have their own (which should be shown to the church). This should be done at the start of the hiring.

b) If it is just an individual for a one off event (e.g birthday party) then they need to agree to the summary of the good practice set out which they can do by signing on the hiring agreement.

2) The Hiring Agreement

This is in two parts the application form and the terms and conditions of hire. There are two versions one for one off bookings and one for regular hirers. This form needs to be completed by all hirers and signed. Hirers receive a copy and the original is retained in the bookings file at St Lukes. This should be reviewed at agreed regular intervals.

1) The Lettings Policy

This sets out the framework in which St Lukes will hire its premises. Its role is to give guidance about who is able to hire the premises and the policy of the DCC in relation to the hiring of the buildings. It does not necessarily need to be read by potential hirers but can be referred to if there is a dispute about a booking. Download here

For more about the process for hiring St Luke's see  Process - Regular or Process - One off

Download Agreement for Regular bookings here

Download Agreement for One-off bookings here

Download Guidelines for Organisations here

Download Guidelines for Individuals here

Download Acceptable Use Policy here